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The Cafeteria Caper  
The cafeteria at Park Haven H.S. was trashed, and the evidence left behind bears a suspicious similarity to the initiation rights of an underground club. Students conduct an enzymes test, as well as hair, blood and DNA analysis to find out who's responsible.
It's Magic!  
Who snatched Magic, the award-winning pooch, from his master's home? To find out, students perform handwriting analysis, a pH test and paper chromatography.

The Celebration  
A big football victory prompts a rowdy celebration, and police are called to the scene. Students use a gunshot residue test to determine who may have fired a weapon.

The Car that Swims  
How did a car get to the bottom of a river -- and who's the owner? Students use footprint casting to see through a young girl's shaky explanation and learn the solution.

Renters Beware  
A makeshift chem lab, strange vials of liquid, and a greedy landlord combine to create this puzzle. To solve it, students use a flame test, a Kastle-Meyer test and fingerprint matching.



About Forensics in the Classroom
Someone has broken into Rachel's locker and stolen her backpack! We provide the evidence - students solve the mystery!